Monday, 15 April 2019

Ability of Oil Pulling To Help You Lose Weight

Oil pulling, in many cases, has been found to be a beneficial practice to maintain oral health. But you may find it interesting that oil pulling can also help you lose weight. It is basically an aspect of mouth-body connection. With healthy mouth, you can surely optimize your weight in better way.

Activation of thyroid
You may have heard about the thyroid. It is a gland located in the throat and it basically serves as a thermostat of the body. The thyroid gland is the part of endocrine system. Being a natural thermostat of the body, thyroid mainly helps in overall metabolism, a process which actively converts foods into energy and helps a person stay up and running.

Now, you may be able to notice that most of us deal with low energy levels and sluggish systems due to an underactive thyroid.

Muscular activation for direct massage of thyroid
Activating thyroid is one of the ways you can prevent the gain of weight. And you can activate your thyroid with the help of muscular massage which tends to happen during oil pulling. In other words, you can consider the practice of oil pulling as a warm-up exercise for your thyroid glands. Oil pulling causes muscular activation which wakes up the thyroid to get to work.

Vagus nerve and its function
When we compartmentalize the body systems, especially the thyroid system, we need to talk about vagus nerve which serves as a nexus between brain and other complex systems of the body. It is also connected to the thyroid. Therefore, thyroid needs to work well in order to keep the vagus nerve active. If the vagus nerve is dulled, the entire body functions are dulled due to bad communication between brain and other systems of the body.

Feeling full after the meal
An explanation of the communication between brain and other body systems lies in the eating process. When you eat, you eat until you are full. However, your stomach as to tell the brain and that it’s full. What if this communication is not that good?

Stimulating the vagus nerve
When it comes to stimulating the vagus nerve, there are some healthy oral habits which you need to consider. Among those oral habits, oil pulling is the easiest habit. While cleaning your tongue with oil pulling, you get the muscles of your oral cavity and throat massaging the thyroid glands and stimulating the vagus nerve.